What To Expect During Rental Property Inspections

What To Expect During Rental Property Inspections

As a landlord in North Carolina, it's your responsibility to maintain safe conditions in your property for your tenants. Thus, performing regular rental property inspections is essential to being a property owner. That's a lot of work for one person, especially if you own many units or plan to buy more in the future.

That's where Home River Group comes in. As a property management service, it's our business to help you stay on top of your rental properties. 

Here, we cover key rental property inspection preparation tips to help you get ready to tackle your next inspection like a pro!

Prepare a Rental Property Inspection Checklist

The main goal of the rental property inspection is to inspect the overall cleanliness of the unit. When it comes to what to look for, in general, you must check for any possible damage or water leakage.

More specifically, you must inspect:

  • furnace filters
  • fire extinguishers
  • smoke alarm batteries
  • bugs and pests
  • window and door seals
  • running toilets

According to rental property inspection laws in North Carolina, as a landlord, you must perform repairs to any damages you find during an inspection. So, if you find any issue with the appliances and such mentioned in the rental property inspection checklist above, then ensure that you amend the problem in a timely fashion. 

How Often Should You Perform Rental Property Inspections?

Instead of performing an annual rental property inspection, the general recommendation is to inspect your rental properties three to four times a year. Whenever you plan to do an inspection of any given unit, you must alert your tenants beforehand. 

Although essential, taking that much time out of your schedule and spending money on repairs adds up. That's why if you're a landlord in Raleigh, NC, then you could benefit from using our property management services.

At Home River Group, we take care of landlord-associated responsibilities such as performing repairs for you.

What To Do When Legal Issues Arise 

If during your inspection you discover that your tenant is in possession of a pet or other illegal items, then you can take them to court. When such legal issues arise, your Home River Group property management team will be there to help.

We can also assist with other legal-related issues, such as tenant disputes and tenant screenings. 

Tackle a Rental Property Inspection Like a Pro  

As a landlord, it's essential that you know what to look for during rental property inspections. Not only is it your responsibility, but doing so also ensures the safety of your tenants. And every landlord knows that a happy tenant equals a happy landlord!

When you work with Home River Group, you're able to buy more property without adding more to your workload. As property managers, we take care of repairs and help you out when legal issues arise. 

Contact us to discover how you may benefit from our services. 

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